Well 2020 hasn’t gone as planned! What a year it has been. We had so many plans for this year and a lot of new lines to launch.

As we start to move back to a new normal, we finally have our new stock lines arriving over the next four weeks. To start with we have the amazing licensed collections from Cherry Parsons Art and also Laura Wall Art. Both are superb collections started as a simple enquiry from the galleries. Following receipt at our office of the samples for both collections we decided to ask if they would consider letting us be the distributors of their umbrellas. We have manufactured these umbrellas to a high quality in both formats, walking stick and compact folding umbrellas. I am sure you will agree that both collections are exciting!

Laura Wall Art Collection
Cherry Parsons Art Collection

We also have the new products that were meant to arrive a lot earlier in the year. We showed these lines at the Spring Fair and at last they are almost here. One thing we are proud to release although rather late in the year are the Garden and Beach Parasols in a Pagoda shape. Photos will arrive shortly for these but if you saw us at the Spring Fair 2020 you would not have missed them. With over a 2-metre diameter they have excellent coverage to offer protection from the sun.

Moving forward we have numerous new rainbow themed umbrellas arriving including the horizontal striped umbrellas. There are two versions available in both a quality stick umbrella and compact folding umbrella. Also, we have the swirl umbrella rainbow. This did prove popular at the Spring Fair 2020, so we are so glad they are here at last.

Arriving a lot later than planned are the new additions to our inside out collection. These have been log awaited by a lot of our customers so we cannot wait for these to arrive.

We are now working on several new umbrellas for the coming months to join our very popular Storm King range. These ultra-strong umbrellas will use the Storm King Classic 1m frame for amazing strength. A few new additions arriving shortly. Keep checking our website and social media for news of their arrival into stock.

So, although lockdown did almost stop businesses completely, we have taken advantage of the time to work on the new lines we have arriving. It has been a long six months but finally we are getting there. Hopefully, our customers are also all getting back to some sort of normality also.

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