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Cherry Parsons was born and bred in Horsham. In her youth she dreamt of studying dress design at art college, but unfortunately was discouraged from going. Instead she went on to channel her creative passion into her own boutique, before becoming a full-time mother.
When her children became more independent, Cherry enrolled to become an adult student at Northbrook in Horsham, qualifying nearly 20 years ago. She now continues to take short-term recreational courses whenever the opportunity arises.
Working mainly in acrylics or oils, she enjoys creating portraiture, seascapes, and landscapes. Her work focusses on light, reflections, water, and occasional humor.
The popular Seagull Art range provides Cherry with light relief from her more serious artwork and shows her more playful side. The reaction to this range caught her somewhat by surprise, and she now successfully sells limited prints, cards, umbrellas and box prints.
Cherry has exhibited her work many times in galleries, theatres, museums and at art exhibitions. Having joined Horsham Artists Open Studios, Cherry has also held successful Open House exhibitions – and now offers viewings to her home studio by appointment.
In addition to her self-inspired work, Cherry also accepts commissions, and has produced mural artworks displayed at Sedgwick House and Springfield Park in Horsham.
Her next exhibition will be this November at the Contemporary Art Fair in Windsor.


The Seagull Story

My ‘Seagull Range’ started one day when I had finished my usual painting. I noticed I still had loads of blue paint left on my pallette, “So what to do?” I thought. I unwrapped two small-ish canvases and painted them both blue. This particular blue is my favourite colour. I even got married in this colour. I decided to paint a picture of a seagull (Herring Gull). After I had finished,  I looked into his face. His expression was quizzical as if he was saying “Who Me?” I then thought he needs an answer to that question, so I painted “Yes You!” Later the same day we had some friends coming over for dinner. I had left the two pictures standing in the room, and several of my friends commented on the paintings suggesting that I might be onto something. “The rest, as they say, is history.”

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